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Q: What type of markers are set on a property survey?

A: The standard marker used for a property survey is a steel rebar rod. The rods are approximately 18-inches long and are driven in to be flush with the ground. The rod has a plastic cap with an emblem that identifies our firm as the surveyor.

Q: How are my corners marked?

A: In addition to steel rods, the corners are marked with temporary wood stakes with ribbon affixed. These stakes are used to help you find and identify your corners which are typically set flush with the ground

Q: Can my corner markers be set to stick up above the ground?

A: Property corners are typically set flush with the ground. This provides a more stable marker which is more difficult to remove.

Q: Are property surveyors required to be licensed?

A: Land surveyors are licensed by the state. All surveys concerning property boundaries must be performed under the supervision of a licensed land surveyor.

Q: Is it legal for someone to remove or damage my survey marker?

A: Act 72 of 2006 makes it illegal to intentionally damage or remove survey markers other than temporary wood stakes.

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